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When you walk into the room, your eye goes naturally scans the walls to see what the homeowner has put up on there.  Having a wooden frame around a photo, a painting or a mirror dresses up the room, and draws in the looker to check out what is inside the frame as well.  Frames enhance the photos, and give a dignified look to the room. A group of frames arrouses curiousity and draws the visitor in to take a closer look.   A family picture frame with decoration and color makes that special family photo stand out.  Frames can also house mirrors.  Round wall mirrors, when placed in a small room, make the room feel bigger. Grouped on the wall, whether round or rectangular, framing adds an extra interesting dimension to the room.

The frames seen here are round, and rectangular.  Large round frames require joining several pieces of wood together in a near circular shape, and then mounting it on the lathe to produce the round shape and contours.  I take the frame an extra couple of steps when I add texturing and color. Finally is is coated with multi layers of polyurethane on both the front and back.  These days it is hard to find a well made round frame from wood and these frames are made to last.  Polygonal and rectangular frames can also be made to order for your special photo or mirror.  The wooden frame can be classically simple or decorated w/ multi-wood mosaics,  branding pyrograhpy (with or without color), and egg shell texturing for classic charm.

Have a look in this gallery.  The round frames pictured here are approximately 23″ D.  They are  ready to go.  Need a specialty frame, in any style?  Contact me.