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Making furniture was where my journey into woodworking started, always drawn to the practical.  Handmade custom furniture fills my house, and gives me constant pleasure in the knowledge that I designed and made each piece to create  homey, warm and welcoming spaces.  Over the years, I applied the furniture building techniques to smaller projects as well, while focusing on making every piece to last generations.

For me, the process of making a piece of furniture starts with a drawing.  The drawing process, really a technical drawing, allows me to see the piece, and it’s proportions before I commit to wood.  More importantly, seeing the piece take shape on paper allows me think through the making process, to anticipate and solve the technical problems I will encounter.  It is important to me that the piece, any piece I make, be in proportion.

After I have committed my vision to paper, I rough cut the wood.  My wood usually arrives in long planks, 2-3″ thick,  a foot or more wide.  The next step is to cut the wood for each component, taking into account the direction of the grain, while matching the grain and the nuances of shade within a particular species of wood.   Then comes machining, joining, embellishing, and finally sanding, a seemingly never ending process of working up, touching every part of the piece over and over, grit by grit, until it is silky smooth, and sleek to touch.  Lastly, I spray on several coats of polyurethane to protect the wood.

Take a look at the furniture offerings here- what would you want to see? What do you envision in your home?  Contact me.