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Beautiful flowers need beautiful vases! What’s so wonderful about wooden vases? According to my customers – (and I agree!) – Wood vases brighten the room even when empty of flowers. Whether your decorative vase graces the mantel, table, or even a desk, it stands as an interesting sculpture all by itself.

It’s amazing the life a full bouquet or even a single stem in a small bud vase brings to a room. I created these pieces to honor nature’s creations with their natural materials and organic shapes. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit your favorite flower arrangements, from large roses to sprays of tiny flowers.

You can place your large decorative vase as your table’s centerpiece. Or, put a single flower vase in an unexpected place for a special touch of beauty. As you can see, these round and angular vases come in a range of styles and make gorgeous home decor vases. The modern vases create a contemporary look, especially with their unique shapes and surface designs. The rustic vases make buds look like they are springing from trees. Every vase has original details and is one of a kind, like the flowers they hold. What they all have in common is the time and care I dedicated to their design and handcrafting. Click on each individual picture above to learn more about each one.

Pssst! Searching for a gift? These unique vases have brought many a happy birthday and anniversary to my customers’ spouses. Chances are she or he will love it, especially if you fill the vase with flowers when you give it! Just look what some of my happy customers have said. Whether for you or someone else: Go ahead – choose a unique vase!