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Shabbat is one of the central pivots of Jewish Life. This day of rest begins on Friday night and ends at sundown on Saturday. There are many rituals and practises that bring to life the spirit of Shabbat into the home. Candles are lit with a blessing , the traditional bread, challah, is served at the Shabbat meal, accompanied by song and discussion. The end of Shabbat is ushered out with the Havdallah ceremony in which special blessings are made over wine, spices, and the Havdallah candle, acknowledging the division between Shabbat and the rest of the week.

Handcrafted in Israel, and using Etz-Ron’s signature multi-wood mosaic you will find in this gallery: Challah cutting boards with integral knife, challah trays, candlesticks, torah pointers (yad), tallit clips, spice holders, and Torah Rollers (Etz Chaim).