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Sukkot, Succos, Sukkos, it is all the same- Feast of Booths, or the Feast of Tabernacles , the Jewish Holiday when in biblical times the Jews would make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The holiday lasts seven days here in Israel and nothing compares to the feeling you get when walking down the street and seeing the sukkas, or temporary houses, all over the town and country. It is customary to eat all meals in the sukka, even restaurants build temporary sukkas.

It is customary to purchase the four species, and among them, the etrog. The are many rules associated with the etrog, defining it’s characteristics, and so forth, but most important is to protect it stem, so that it stays in tact. The best way to protect an etrog is with an Etz-Ron Etrog Box. There are Etrog Boxes with a built in handle, and those without, all look beautiful on display the rest of the year.