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Tzedakah Boxes

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Tzedakah Boxes, Charity Box,  or “Pushke” –

“These are things for which there is no set amount for performing a mitzvah ( a good deed ) -… acts of loving kindness (including charity) and the study of Torah” (Peah1:1).

A Tzedakah box (or “pushke”), where charity money is placed for distribution later to the needy, is an ever present  feature of Jewish homes, synagogues and study halls.

There are charity boxes specially made for a Rabbi’s desk, or wall mounted synagogue size tzedakah boxes, with lock and key.  Perhaps the most meaningful gift for a Jewish child coming of age, a bar/bat mitzvah,  is this gift reminding that there are other people in the world less fortunate, and  that we need to remember them in our daily life.

These Tzedakah Boxes can be dedicated to that special person or place with a personalized engraving.made according to your personal specifications, and