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Bowls & Platters

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Decorative wooden bowls & platters bring beauty to your home as serving trays – And even as decorative plates for your wall! Looking for a useful, eye-catching and unique bridal shower or wedding gift, or for your own home? This might be exactly the right item.

These wooden serving platters can present many different types of food. Of course, the bowls with deep curves make excellent traditional wooden salad or fruit bowls. You can use the wide rim of a flat bowl to artfully display food. Use a round serving tray a fruit and cheese platter, or a meat and cheese platter. Hosting a party? Leave out your platter as a fruit tray or for dry snacks like nuts and chocolate!

Several of my customers display their decorative plates as wood wall art. To do this, simply rest your plate on a wall hook. You can easily take it down to use whenever you want. Once finished, it only takes a moment to put back your carved wall art. Give instant ambience to the dining room, living room or any room with a decorative wall plate.

Look above and you will notice: Each bowl and round serving tray is unique. Some have distinct natural wood grain like walnut, cherry, and sapelli. Other platters feature geometric patterns. They are inspired by cultures and cuisine from my travels around the world.

Every wood bowl and tray shown here was “born” in my personal woodworking studio. Over hours and hours, I selected and prepared wood, designed the right shape and size, and lathe turned the wooden bowls. My final step is to add the texture. Each bowl calls for something different. Some bowls are carved, others are etched or branded with pyrography. A natural paint or dye completes some of the pieces. By the time it reaches you, every piece has its own distinct character. Go ahead – Pick the bowl or platter that fits your taste!